ISLAND VIR – surroundings

Island Vir is the eighth largest and one of the 300 islands of the Zadar archipelago. Located near town Nin in the northwest part of Dalmatia, and continues to Privlački peninsula near town Privlaka separated from the mainland by shallow draft. Vir is connected with a bridge in 1976. to the mainland over Privlački draft.

Island Vir has 300 sunny days a year, and the average daily temperature in July is 25 degrees, while evening breeze from Velebit guarantees you a restful sleep. Because of its climate Vir is an ideal destination for surfers. And for lovers of mountain-biking is regulated by the 20 km trail. On some beaches, especially on the beach Sapavac, there is a mud that treats rheumatic diseases.

On the northeastern view from Vira is island Pag, a southwest view is overlooking to the islands Ugljan, Sestrunj, Rivanj, Molat and Ist. On this beautiful island, there are three major settlements: Vir, Torovi and Lozice. The highest peak on the island of Vir is Barbinjak – 116 m.

The city officially has 4500 inhabitants and has all the facilities needed for a longer stay – shops, restaurants, entertainment facilities and service – post office, pharmacy, clinic, dentist… Nearby apartments Bolcevic there are several shops (Thomas, Mir, Gavranovic, Konzum), in the center there is a marketplace which is open through all day, and the fish market with fresh fish, travel agencies, money exchange, rent a boat, and the daily evening service of God for spiritual refreshment.

Catering services represents more restaurants and pizzerias – Viranka, Kotarina, Kod Spavalice, Monika, Paradiso, (and Amico in Privlaka) and there are numerous cafes and pastry shops, some of them are open until late at night.


Virsko ljeto is a traditional event rich in cultural and entertainment activities, which runs from late June to early September and completes the tourist offer of the island of Vir. Visitors can have fun with performances by famous singers and pop bands, concert performances of Dalmatian songs, theater groups, poets and amateur singers. This event, which runs throughout the summer, tourists are offered a variety of events filled with fun, entertainment, excursions, diving courses and many other attractions for the whole family.

Jadro – beach (2500 m)

City beach with a number of amenities – a pebble beach with a sandy sea bottom in the center of Vir during the day offers an entertainment program and a group of animators while the evening becoming promenade, the center of events. Pebbles on the shore, the sand of the sea, boats, water skiing, rent chairs, quality restaurants and new entertainment center (amusement park). Near is the marina and port of departure for one day trips.

Fortress Kaštelina (150 m)

One of the most famous sights of the island of Vir is a Venetian fortress Kaštelina located in an area called Kozjak. The was built in the early 17th century by the Venetian authorities to protect the population of the fugitives and attack of the Turks . On the front of Kaštelina is preserved Venetian family crests general governor of Dalmatia. On the north tower is damaged winged lion, symbol of Venice. Part of the fortification building has been preserved to this day and reconstructed in 2002. year.

Church St. Ivan Krstitelj – 2,5 km:

This church is from the 13th/14th century. This Romanesque sacral building is rectangular with a semicircular apse. Before the construction of the parish church of St .Jurja, church of St. Ivana Krstitelja was the parish church. Restoration and protection of the church under the supervision of the Institute for Protection of Cultural Monuments, performed in 1998, above the facade was added horsetail with a bell.

The parish church of St. Jurja – 3 km:

The parish church of St. Jurja was built in 1845. on the foundations of an older church with the same name that was built in the 12th or 13th century. Next to the church is located a stone tower that was built 1938. Top of the tower was completely destroyed during World War II by german army and was renovated in 195. In the same church is held a retreat in the summer months with the participation of famous clergymen.

Vir lighthouse – 2 km:

Vir lighthouse was built in 1881. on the southwest coast of the island of Vir. This is a typical example of the great lighthouse in the 19th century, built on the Croatian Adriatic coast and is one of 50 similar lighthouses that were built during this period. Until recent times and the automation of the lighthouse he had a crew, or the lighthouse keepers and their families lived in it and perform their daily tasks to the lighthouse to function flawlessly. The lighthouse was destroyed by German soldiers in 1944. ,rebuilt after the war and again put into operation in 1950. Today there is no crew , and his work is automated. The lighthouse is located at the geographical position 44 ° 18.2 ‘N / 015 ° 19’ E. The tower lighthouse is tall 21 meters, and a range of light 11 nautical miles.